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Hood to Hood

Our what we like to call our “BLACK POWER PARADE” We go to different neighborhoods weekly - shout affirmations, knock on doors, hand out resources and literature about our organization all while picking up trash as we move about  ...... and just generally spreading love and positivity throughout the community .

Rekia’s Ride

Rekia’s Ride is our bi-weekly food distribution program. We get together as an organization - prep, cook and package food and then hand out the meals at various locations across the city.

Buy Black Tour

The Buy Black Tour (aka cash mob) is a program geared toward economic empowerment where we go and intentionally spend money with black owned businesses. We seek out businesses across the city and show up to support those businesses as a group. The businesses range from various shops, restaurants and clothing stores …… to health and beauty, hair care and arts & crafts stores. We coordinate dates and times with those business and promote the event weeks ahead to garner as much community participation as possible.

Safe Zone Initiative

The “Safe Zone Initiative” is a program created in response to the alarming number of missing women and children in our communities. It’s intended to help combat sex trafficking and violence in our community by creating a network where local businesses serve as safe spaces where anyone in danger can go to seek sanctuary until the authorities or friends and family arrive.

Political Education

Our political education classes are designed to familiarize residents with the political process and  equip them with information and understanding about local and national politics. We discuss candidates that are running for certain positions and offices and also laws and policies that are implemented and how they specifically affect our communities.   

“Streets Is Watchin” Community Patrol

We conduct weekly community patrols ...... Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. We walk through communities engaging the residents and demonstrating the principles of self-reliance. The objective is to be a visible presence and deterrent to individuals who mean harm to the community.